Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Add a AI powered conversational site search bar to your website or blog

Everyone having a website or a blog adds a "Search this website" search bar prominently somewhere near the top for visitors to punch in queries and find specific information quickly. With the advent of free and cheap AI engines that use natural language processing techniques to create humanlike conversational dialogue, the ubiquitous "Search this site" box can become far more friendly.

I looked around the 'net and created a AI powered conversational search bar for a travel blog in around 15 minutes. To see how it works, head to interactive The Vagabond Couple Travel Blog Search and type in "Victoria Falls" or any other place that is posted in that blog and has been already been crawled by the engine. Alternatively, try typing in something like FORTRAN into the AI Chat Bot for this blog.

Please be aware the AI engine's knowledge base is confined to just the blog and its posts that it has crawled at the current time, not the wider internet.

This is how I did it.

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