Saturday, July 6, 2019

Installing RSX-11M-PLUS on DEC PDP-11/24 with DECnet, BASIC PLUS 2, DIBOL, PASCAL, C AND COBOL

DEC PDP-11/24 running Digital Equipment Corp RSX 11M PLUS operating system at SANYALnet Labs | Supratim Sanyal's Hobbyist System

Sometime in  2016, I had set about installing RSX-11M-PLUS operating system from scratch using magnetic tape images on a DEC PDP-11/24 emulated by the SimH emulator. I eventually named it JUICHI ("11" in Japanese) and configured it with DECnet, BASIC PLUS 2, DIBOL, PASCAL, C AND COBOL. I had saved the screen sessions for this exercise as gists at github with little information describing the gists. This post is intended to be an index of those gists so that I can refer back to what I did and find things easily in situations where I have to, for example, run SYSGEN or NETGEN again to reconfigure something.

The entire installation was done following the wonderful instructions documented in the five steps at PDP2011 (Sysgen, configuring Decnet, adding Basic-Plus-2, adding Dibol, Pascal, C, Cobol  and finishing up).

In the meanwhile, JUICHI has been up and running, and connected to HECnet from inception.

So here are the gists capturing the screen sessions:

and here are the five parts embedded from github.

PART 1: Initial Install of RSX11M-Plus on SIMH PDP-11/24 Leading to a ready bootable RP06

PART 2: Installing DECNET support on PDP-11/24 running RSX-11M-PLUS 4.6

PART 3: Installing BASIC PLUS 2 on RSX-11M-PLUS on PDP-11/24

PART 4: Installing DIBOL, PASCAL, C and COBOL on PDP-11/24 running RSX-11M-PLUS

PART 5: Wrapping Up - Startup Scripts etc.

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