Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Google Home now supports Wink Hub

My smart home has been operating on voice commands to turn lights on and off and lock doors for a while now with our Z-Wave devices connected to Wink Hub 2 which is linked to Amazon Alexa assistant on a Amazon Echo and three Amazon Echo Dot units across the house. I was however a bit disappointed till now with our Google Home Assistant missing support for the Wink Hub.

I just happened to check Google Home's smart home capabilities just now and am excited to see a new option in the Google Home app to link our Wink Hub 2!

Google Home takes a room-based approach to classify the Wink Hub devices, which actually makes more sense than Alexa's group-based approach for those rooms that have multiple smart lights. For example, our family room has two smart lights which I labeled FRL1 and FRL2 and then created a group called "Family Room Lights" to be able to say "Alexa turn the family room lights on". On the Google Home, I just assigned FRL1 and FRL2 to the Family Room and that's that. Love it!

Thanks Wink and Google - the Google Home is evolving quietly but very fast!

Here is an iPad screenshot of Google Home's smart home setup with Wink.

Supratim Sanyal's Blog - Google Home Smart Home Control with Wink Hub 2
Google Home Smart Home Control with Wink Hub 2
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    1. The simplest way is to point the DNS servers you use in your router (or pfSense) to a free service like Norton ConnectSafe ( or OpenDNS FamilyShield ( The DNS server IP addresses for these two options are:
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