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Installing CMU TCP/IP 6.3 on VAX VMS 4.7 (SIMH)

Supratim Sanyal's Blog: Download and install CMU-TEK CMU TCPIP for VMS 4.7 VAX for TCP/IP services on VAX/VMS 4
CMU-TEK TCP/IP 6.3 for VAX VMS 4.7 - TELNET connection
Thanks to a friend on HECnet (the owner of node ALDUR) I was able to locate, download and install the elusive CMU-TEK TCP/IP services on a SIMH VAX running the ancient VAX VMS 4.7. I installed everything available with CMU TCP/IP for VMS 4, including sources and documentation. It all went smoothly, no hiccups at all - the software is, as expected in the world of VMS, obviosuly high-quality and well designed and implemented.

The VAX VMS 4.7 node "XLVII" was built using Andy Hoffman's distribution.

Update 1-AUG-2020: IMPORTANT - please read Andy's advice in the comments at the bottom before you proceed!


According to Columbia University's Kermit Project Page:

CMU-OpenVMS/IP (CMUIP), originally CMU/Tek-TCP/IP, is a public domain TCP/IP package originally developed at Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU) by Tektronix (Tek). CMUIP was released to the public trust in December 1992 as CMU-OpenVMS/IP and is now maintained by a diligent group from around the Internet. Support is provided through the usenet group:
BSD socket support for C-Kermit is supported thanks to a new CMU-OpenVMS/IP socket library written by Mike O'Malley of Digital Equipment Corporation. If you have this library installed on your VMS system, the build procedure will find the file CMUIP_ROOT:[SYSLIB]LIBCMU.OLB and C-Kermit will be built automatically with CMU-OpenVMS/IP support unless you define NET_OPTION to say otherwise. The LIBCMU socket library can be found on the anonymous ftp server.

However, there is little activity in the referenced usenet group now.

I installed the base CMU TCP/IP and the primary utilities in one session, and the rest of the applications (TELNET, FINGER, FTP, LPR and E-MAIL) in another. Here are the two session logs.


SESSION-2 (TCP/IP Applications on CMU-TEK on VAX VMS 4.7)


  1. Hello Supratim,

    This is an superb installation guide containing plenty of detail and I now have it running on a SimH VAX8600 with a single NIC under VAX/VMS 4.7.

    I do have a couple of comments for feedback which may help others.

    1) Be extremely careful installing PTY047 and TELNET024. The two work in tandem, one as a pseudo terminal and the other as a mailboc. Any mistakes here will result in: **** FATAL BUG CHECK, VERSION = V4.7 INVEXCEPTN, Exception while above ASTDEL or on interrupt stack.

    2) I have seen an anomaly after installing LPRSMB012 and LPR_SERVER020 which appears to cause the SimH 8600 simulator to hang on boot. If you -E and enter BOOT RQ0 again the system comes up properly. I will try this on other VAXen simulators.

    3) According to the documentation I have seen, the software will function on VMS 4.4, VMS 4.5 and VMS 4.6. CMS 4.7 was not mentioned, other than to say that it *should* work properly on VMS versions higher than 4.6 but not on V5.0 and above.

    An excellent effort on your part putting this together!

    Best regards
    Andy Hoffman

    1. Thanks Andy, I am updating the post for readers to pay attention to your advice in the comments.


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