Thursday, December 3, 2020

Command Line Torrent Client and Gopher Server on Raspberry Pi

One Raspberry Pi in my home lab has a 1TB USB external hard disk drive connected to it. I wanted to share some retrocomputing hobbyist-related stuff publicly in gopherspace. I also wanted a command-line torrent client to download retro public-domain stuff from and other places.  Here are the pieces I ended up using.


I set up a gopher server on the Pi and opened up and forwarded TCP/IP Port 70 to it. I am able to reach the gopher server using a standard web-browser from the public internet using Floodgap Gopher-HTTP Gateway. Currently it has some ancient ZX Spectrum home microcomputer stuff. It is connection-rate limited using UFW, so slow down while visiting it to not be refused!

Gopher HTTP Proxy
Floodgap also runs a great Veronica-2 Gopherspace Search engine.

Here are the steps for quickly getting into Gopherspace:

Gopher server

pygopherd: PyGopherd is a modern Internet Gopher server written in Python and is maintained by John Goerzen. In addition to support for RFC 1436 Gopher and Gopher+, PyGopherd also supports HTTP and WAP (Wikipedia).

Gopher client (browser) - Text/Terminal

Lynx Gopher Client Browser

Good old Lynx terminal web client continues to support Gopher. It is available from standard package repositories for virtually every operating system in use.

Gopher Client (Browser) - Windows, Mac OS X

Little Gopher Client for MacOS X

Little Gopher Client - works great, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

Command-line bittorrent client

rtorrent works fine!

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