Friday, November 11, 2016

Yet another OpenVMS DCL Command Procedure to Crawl and Report HECNET the Hobbyist DECNET in HTML served by WASD - OpenVMS VAX 7.3

"What is HECnet?

HECnet is a DECnet that connects different people who play around with different machines that have the DECnet protocol suite. The network should not be regarded as a serious networking setup, nor should it be expected to work 24/7. It's a hobby project between people who think it's fun to create a DECnet network.

HECnet is basically a DECnet phase IV network. Currently, the main router is a PDP-11 running RSX-11M-PLUS. The machine is located in Uppsala, Sweden.

The connectivity between nodes can be anything that works. The current connectivity is with an ethernet bridge between sites, DECnet over IP using Multinet on VMS or RSX, and DECnet over IP on Cisco. Other solutions that have been used are a virtual serial async. connection talking DDCMP. Other possibilities are GRE and DECnet over IP." - read more at

DECNET Architecture Network Stack

A DCL command procedure to copy over the latest list of HECNET nodes. Execute this using

The DCL script HECNET-SCAN.COM to crawl HECNET and generate the HTML pages. You can run this by itself for testing, or invoke this periodically (once a day or once a week) from a scheduled batch queue job.

The scheduled Batch Queue job for scheduled runs of the above command script. To enable, use the DCL command procedure HECNET-SCAN-BATCH.COM:


  1. Hi Supratim ,

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  2. please let me know your contacts ..some serious issue on decnet .


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